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 Wedding in sky Dubai Popley Jewelers, Join Popley Jewelers on an enchanting celestial tour as they unveil the lavish wedding against Dubai’s skyline on April 24, 2023. This lavish event, boasting an almoste expenditure of 8 million Dirhams, is poised to change the fundamental concept of marital festivities.

Picture a Boeing 747, the epitome of luxury air travel, transformed into a flying palace that will carry the dreams of the Popley family, along with a constellation of Bollywood and Hollywood stars.
wedding in sky popley jewelers
wedding in sky popley jewelers

Going beyond typical wedding budgets, this event reaches unmatched heights, both literally and figuratively. Aboard the Boeing 747, a three-hour voyage from Dubai to Oman imparts an extra layer of sophistication to the festivities.

Moreover, it offers an experience beyond the ordinary, resembling in the sky a grand event ready to make history.

Dilip Popley, the forward-thinking mind orchestrating this lofty extravaganza, extends a heartfelt invitation for you to participate in this unparalleled gathering. Furthermore, his aspiration to host a matrimonial event in the heavens serves as a testimony to the boundless opportunities that Dubai, renowned for its iconic skyline, presents to those who thrive on pushing limits. This visionary dream is impeccably curated by none other than the effervescent event planner, Chimoo Acharya.

Popley Jewelers Wedding in the Sky Dubai

Crafting Dreams in Gold Since 1927 Embark on a captivating voyage through the annals of history with Popley Jewelers, a renowned name synonymous with superb craftsmanship since its inception in 1927.
Mumbai to Dubai:

As we traverse from Mumbai to Dubai, delve deep into the enduring legacy of a brand that has graced the elite with enduring elegance.

The Lavish Budget of Popley’s Celestial Wedding

Explore the lavish intricacies of Popley’s celestial wedding, with a budget of around 8 million Dirhams earmarked for this unique occasion.


Additionally, explore the painstaking preparations that metamorphose a Boeing 747 into an airborne palace, as it soars high above Dubai’s iconic skyline.

Poley’s daughter Wedding

Mr. Popley is overjoyed about his daughter’s wedding. He and his family hold this moment close to their hearts. They’re excited to share this incredible experience with loved ones and people worldwide. They think Dubai, with its rare charm, is the perfect spot for this extraordinary celebration. They invite everyone to join in this historic event. In the next few weeks, a wedding in Dubai will undoubtedly represent itself in memory as a symbol of love, creativity, and Dubai’s strong character.

Special Event

The Popley family seeks support from people, media, and industry partners to make this special event a success and boost Dubai as a top destination for lavish weddings, inspiring new wedding planning ideas with their rare sky-high celebration.

 Popley’s jewelers History-Making Celebrations

Retain history with the Popley family as they celebrate a conclusion to their groundbreaking 1994 event. Popley’s Jewelers has consistently intertwined itself with exceptional and significant celebrations throughout its extensive and illustrious history.

The stage is set for a lavish event on November 24, 2023, where dreams will soar from Dubai to Oman.

Setting the Sky Ablaze:

The Expenses Behind a Dream Wedding Uncover the extravagant expenses behind Popley’s dream wedding.

With an investment of 8 million dirhams in this singular event, witness meticulous crafting in every aspect, surpassing expectations from private charter flights to deluxe resorts.

Destination Dubai:

Dilip Popley’s Vision of Love in the Skies Dubai, with its limitless charm, becomes the chosen canvas for Dilip Popley’s vision of arranging a marriage in the skies. Discover why this vibrant city is the perfect backdrop for an event that promises to redefine destination weddings.

Celestial Journey: Boeing 747, Bollywood, and Hollywood Stars Embark on an extraordinary journey as the epitome of luxury air travel, the Boeing 747, hosts over 1000 guests, including luminaries from Bollywood and Hollywood. This three-hour flight from Dubai to Oman evolves into a star-studded aerial spectacle.

November 24, 2023:
Save the Date for Popley’s Sky Symphony Please mark your calendars for November 24, 2023, as Popley Jewelers warmly offers an invitation for you to join an exceptional airborne occasion—an extraordinary wedding amidst the Dubai skies. 
Dreams in the Skies:
Dilip Popley’s Next Frontier Dilip Popley views orchestrating a skyly wedding as a dream soaring to heights.
Chimoo Acharya The Event Organizer

Introducing Chimoo Acharya, the brilliant individual at the helm of this celestial union. As the event coordinator, she skillfully brings Dilip Popley’s vision to life, expertly merging tradition, opulence, and innovative elements.

Chimoo Acharya, from a distinguished lineage including Rinku Bhattacharya and filmmaker Bimal Roy, transcends her role as a wedding planner. She excels as a skilled stylist, interior designer, and astute businesswoman in Dubai. Specializing in curating unmatched experiences, she perpetuates her storied family legacy amidst the city’s opulent surroundings
FAQs of Wedding in sky Dubai of Popley Jewlers

Q1: How much is invested in Popley’s sky-high wedding?

This single event represents an investment of 8 million Dirhams, Popley’s to crafting a lavish experience high over the clouds.

Q2: What aircraft will be used for the journey?

Onboard the Boeing 747, the rich air travel, more than 1000 guests will commence a three-hour from Dubai to Oman.

Q3: Who is invited to Popley’s sky-high wedding?

Bollywood and Hollywood stars, along with over 1000 guests, will join the Popley family in this star-studded spectacle.

Q4: Why Dubai for a wedding in the sky?

Dubai’s limitless charm skyline provide the perfect backdrop, for Dilip Popley’s vision of arranging a marriage in the skies.

Q5: What makes Popley’s wedding unique?
Popley’s sky-high wedding is a fusion of tradition, luxury, and innovation, set to take place on November 24, 2023.

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