UAE Unemployment Insurance ILOE or Job loss insurance UAE

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UAE Unemployment Insurance ILOE

Employment  cutback  insurance in the UAE  otherwise called  unemployment insurance  helps individuals  monetarily on the  off chance that they  lose their  positions out of  nowhere. A sort of  insurance can  help pay for things  when somebody  is searching  for a new  position. In Dubai  different insurance  organizations extend  to various employment  opportunity  misfortune insurance plans with  various  agreements.

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                                        Explore UAE Unemployment Insurance (ILOE) for financial security during job loss.

Key Features

  • Coverage: Most  job loss insurance  UAE policies in Dubai  cover a part of the  insured’s monthly income for an   important time period.
  • Waiting  Period: Usually  there is a waiting  period (normally a few months)  after purchasing  the policy before you  can claim perk.
  • Eligibility: Generally  only those who are  involuntarily unemployed  are eligible to claim the  benefits. Resignation  or voluntary unemployment  usually does not  qualify for a claim.
  • Duration of Benefits: The duration  for which you  can receive benefits  different but is typically  up to 6 months.
  • Income Replacement: The  insurance gave help  to those people; who lost  their jobs  offering a part of  their previous  income to help during  unemployment.

Benefits of UAE Unemployment Insurance

  • Financial Security: Provides  financial stability by  covering daily expenses  and onus during the period  of unemployment.
  • Peace of Mind: Offers peace of  mind knowing that  you have a financial  backup in case  of immediate  unemployment.
  • Reduced Economic Hardship: Losing a  job was  very stressful  and challenging  Unemployment  helped with the  difficulties.

How to Apply for unemployment Insurance in the UAE

  • Research: Start by  researching different  insurance providers  in Dubai that offer  UAE job loss  insurance.
  • Compare Policies: Compare the terms, conditions  and perks  of different  policies.
  • Contact the insurer: Reach  out to  the insurance  company for  detailed  information and  clarification on  any doubts.
  • Application Process: Complete the application  process  as per the insurer’s guidelines providing all needed  documents and information.
  • Prepare Required documents:  Collect the important documents, which may include: A valid Emirates ID and passport
    Residence visa
    Employment contract
    Termination letter or proof of job loss
    Bank account details
    Any other documents stated by the labor department


The deadline for  registration for the UAE  Unemployment Insurance  scheme  known as the ILOE scheme  is October 1, 2023. Employees  who fail to register  by this date will be  subject to a  fine of Dhs400.

Who can register?

The  scheme applies  to all employees  UAE nationals  expatriate workers  and active job seekers working  in the federal  and private sectors in the UAE  including those in  free zones.

Who cannot Register?

The following individuals are immune from the scheme:

  • Investors or business owners managing their businesses themselves
  • Domestic workers
  • Temporary employees
  • Individuals under the Age of 18
  • Retired individuals receiving a pension and employed with a new employer
  • Illegal Residents
  • Visitors or Tourists
  • Temporary Workers

Registration Process for UAE Unemployment Insurance 

Employees can  register for the ILOE  scheme through various platforms including:

  • ILOE  website:
  • ILOE smart  mobile application  (available for both Android and Apple users)
  • Bank ATMs  and kiosk  machines
  • Money  exchange company outlets such as  Al Ansari and Lulu Exchange
  • du and Etisalat  channels
  • Provide their  mobile number
  • Via SMS

Insurance Premium

The insurance premium is divided into two categories:

  • Category A: For those earning a basic salary not greater Dhs16,000.
    • Cost: Dhs5 per month or Dhs60 annually.
    • Compensation: 60% of the subscription salary, not exceeding Dhs10,000 monthly.
  • Category B: For those earning a basic salary above Dhs16,000.
    • Cost: Dhs10 per month or Dhs120 annually.
    • Compensation: 60% of the subscription  salary  not exceeding Dhs20,000 monthly.

Insurance Claim

To be eligible for compensation  in case of a job loss  the insured must:

  • Have been registered in  the scheme for no less than  12 consecutive months.
  • Supporting documentation is important when filing a claim. This may include photographs  police reports, medical records invoices,  receipts,  or any other  evidence that  validates the claim.
  • Submit a compensation  application within  30 days of unemployment  ensuring the termination  was not for  disciplinary reasons or  resignation.

Compensation Payout

Assuming you  lose your employment  the insurance pays  you 60% of your  essential compensation  every month for   as long as  90 days. You  really want to present  a case within 30 days  of losing  your employment  and they will pay  you in no less  than about fourteen days after you apply.

Additional Information of Unemployment Insurance in the UAE 

Managers don’t need to  place their laborers  in the program or pay for it. Laborer must  join and pay for the  insurance. In the event that you don’t  pay for over 90 days  they will drop your  insurance and  charge you an  extra Dhs200. Every  individual who  can get this insurance  in the UAE ought  to try to join  on opportunity to stay  away from fines and  make sure they’re alright with  cash assuming they lose their employment.


While UAE   job loss insurance in Dubai can provide crucial  support during unexpected  unemployment, it’s  essential to  thoroughly understand the  policy’s terms and conditions. Make  sure to read the policy  document carefully  and do not hesitate  to ask the insurer any  questions you may have  before purchasing the  policy.

FAQ Section:

  • Q: How long does it take  to process a UAE job  loss insurance  claim in Dubai?
    • A: The processing time is different by insurer, but it usually takes a few weeks.
  • Q: Are there any exclusions to job loss insurance in Dubai?
    • A: Yes, exclusions may include resignation, termination due to misconduct, or voluntary unemployment.
  • Q: Can I buy UAE job loss insurance if I am self-employed?
    • A: Usually, companies provide job loss insurance in the UAE for their employees, although certain policies may expand coverage to self-employed people. It’s best to check with the insurance worker.

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