Types of visa in Dubai

Types of visa in Dubai : A Comprehensive Guide to Your Entry in the UAE

Navigate the intricate world of Dubai visas types with our detailed guide. Whether you’re visiting, working, investing, or studying, learn about the perfect Dubai Visa tailored for your needs.

Types of all visa in DUBAI
Types of all visa in DUBAI


The magnetic allure of Dubai attracts millions each year, but before diving into its wonders, securing the right Dubai Visa type is crucial. From tourists to entrepreneurs, there’s a visa suited for every visitor.

1. Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is a type of visa that allows a person to visit another country for purposes such as spending vacations, visiting friends or family and participating in short-term activities. Primarily for chance to travelers, this visa allows individuals to explore the sights and sounds of Dubai. Available for 30 or 90 days, some options even come with a renewal feature. These are perfect for people looking to search for Dubai’s tourist attractions.

2. Visit Visa

Planning a family reunion or a catch-up with friends? The Visit Visa, often sponsored by a UAE resident, is the ideal choice. Check Full Details

3. Transit Visa

For those just passing through Dubai’s world-renowned airports, opt for the 48-hour or 96-hour Transit Visa.

4. Employment Visa

Got a job offer in the bright city? The Dubai Work Visa, sponsored by employers, is your gateway to professional opportunities in the emirate. To get an employment visa in Dubai, you need a job offer from a UAE employer. They take care of the paperwork. This job offer will tell you your salary, what you’ll be doing, and for how long. If you keep working for the same employer, you can extend it.

5. Residence Visa

For those seeking long-term residency in Dubai, this visa, valid for up to three years, is perfect for those employed or investing in property. In Dubai, there are two main types of residence visas. One is for people who work there, and the other is for those who have their own property. Just like with a job, your employer, or if you own property, you’re the important one for doing all the necessary paperwork and legal things to get this visa.

6. Student Visa

Pursuing education in Dubai’s prestigious institutions? The Student Visa is tailored for your academic journey.

7. Investor Visa

For business magnates planning to invest in Dubai’s vibrant market, the Investor Visa offers a stay of up to three years, contingent on specific conditions. Check Full Details

8. Property Visa

Property owners in Dubai can enjoy extended stays with this visa, ensuring they make the most of their real estate investments. Check Full Details  

9. Mission Visa Short-term contracts in Dubai come with the 90-day non-renewable Mission Visa.

10. Retirement Visa Dubai’s not just for the young at heart. Retirees can settle with the Retirement Visa, provided they meet set criteria.

11. Golden Visa Seeking long-term residency? The Golden Visa, offering 5 or 10-year renewable options, caters to investors, talents, and more. Check Full Details

12. Green Visa Boosting UAE’s competitiveness, the Green Visa extends the residency scope, targeting professionals, students, and dependents. Check Full Details

Conclusion Securing the right Types of visa in Dubai ensures a smooth entry into the emirate. Whether you’re aiming for a brief visit or long-term residency, our comprehensive guide provides all the clarity you need. Stay updated with visa changes and explore Dubai with confidence.