Korea Work Permit Lucky Draw 2024 for Pakistani Citizens

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Are you envisioning a career in a developed nation like Korea? The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) collaborates with the Pakistani government to streamline job placements for skilled workers in Korea. This opportunity not only promises employment but also offers a minimum monthly salary of PKR 200,000, inclusive of accommodation and food provided by your prospective employer.

Korea Work Permit Lucky Draw 2024 for Pakistani Citizens
Korea Work Permit Lucky Draw 2024 for Pakistani Citizens

Pre-Registration: Step 1

Commence your journey by initiating the pre-registration process on the official OEC Pakistan website. The application window typically spans from March 7th to March 14th. A modest fee of Rs. 1000, payable through HBL bank account 0112-79010451-03, is mandatory for pre-registration.

Confirming Registration: Step 2

Successful candidates will find their names listed, necessitating payment of PKR 3350 into HBL account 0112-79010451-03. Subsequently, submit your original passport, a colored copy, CNIC, 2 passport-sized photographs with a white background, and the fee challan receipt at the OEC office in Islamabad.

Korea Work Permit Lucky Draw 2024 for Pakistani Citizens
Korea Work Permit Lucky Draw 2024 for Pakistani Citizens

Further Actions: Step 3

After completing the initial steps, transition to the practical phase:

  1. Passing the EPS-TOPIK: This Korean language proficiency test assesses reading and listening skills. OEC Pakistan offers preparatory classes, and the test result is valid for two years.
  2. Job Application and Registration: Meet specific criteria, including passing the language test, being aged between 18 and 40, possessing a valid passport, and having good medical and criminal records. Apply for a job at OEC Pakistan within the validity period of your language test.
  3. Signing the Contract: Once selected, scrutinize the job contract for details such as working hours, wages, holidays, etc. A probation period of up to 3 months may apply.
  4. Preliminary Training: OEC Pakistan provides a 45-hour preliminary training covering Korean language, culture, Employment Permit System, industrial safety, and industry-specific education.
  5. Applying for Visa and Entry in Korea: Employers apply for the Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI). Foreign workers, once issued CCVI, apply for a visa through OEC and enter Korea on the scheduled day. Employment training is provided at the Employment Training Centre upon entry.

Embark on your journey to work in Korea, and let OEC be your guide to a successful career abroad.

Source: OEC Pakistan
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