New Brunswick’s Critical Worker Pilot Project Unveiled

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On May 16, 2023, the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Project (NBCWP) marked a historic collaboration between the New Brunswick provincial government and the Canadian federal government. This pioneering immigration project aims to address crucial labor shortages in New Brunswick through a strategic partnership with Immigration and Opportunities NB and six carefully chosen employers in the province.

new brunswick immigration pilot program free canada PR program
new brunswick immigration pilot program free canada PR program


Introduced on November 7, 2022, the NBCWP stands out by not only facilitating economic immigration but also prioritizing newcomer retention. The program offers settlement services, emphasizing the establishment of skilled foreign workers in New Brunswick. Targeting labor gaps in various sectors like manufacturing, fisheries, food production, forestry, and farming, this five-year pilot undergoes regular monitoring and reviews to ensure effectiveness. Newcomer attraction, economic contribution, and retention are top priorities for New Brunswick, ranking 8th in population and 11th in GDP per capita among Canada’s provinces.

Partner Employers:

Six employers, selected based on their outstanding record under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) and commitment to immigrant hiring practices, include Cooke Aquaculture Inc., Groupe Savoie Inc., Groupe Westco, Imperial Manufacturing, J.D. Irving Ltd., and McCain Foods.

Settlement Services:

The NBCWP distinguishes itself by placing equal emphasis on immigrant settlement and economic immigration. The selected employers commit to:

  • Implementing robust settlement plans for housing and transportation to support candidates’ successful establishment in their new jobs and communities.
  • Conducting comprehensive human resources planning for recruiting and hiring skilled international talent.
  • Providing up to 200 hours of language training as needed.
  • Offering guidance and support for candidates pursuing Canadian secondary education equivalency.

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