Hungary offers €30,000 to married couples who can produce three children

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Hungary’s innovative initiative offers a €30,000 incentive to married couples for having three children, aiming to address the country’s labor shortage and promote population growth through family expansion. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s comprehensive Family Protection Action Plan supports this endeavor by allocating 4.8% of GDP to programs encouraging childbirth and supporting families. In a separate story, Hungarian actress and vlogger Agota Dunai shares a heartwarming cross-cultural love tale with her Pakistani husband, Zermoon. Their journey is symbolized by shared dinner dates, blending Hungarian and Pakistani cuisines and showcasing the power of love to transcend cultural differences.


Hungary offers €30,000 to married couples who can produce three children


Hungary Marrige Benefits

Starting in July, couples get a 10 million-forint loan (about €30,590). But, if they have three kids, they don’t need to pay it back. The best part? They can use the money for anything they want, and they don’t have to pay interest.

Prime Minister Orban’s Big Idea 

The leader, Viktor Orban, and his Fidesz party want more Hungarian families, not more people from other countries. Orban says, “We want Hungarian children, not just more numbers.”

Hungary’s Baby Problem

Hungary has fewer babies than other European countries. The loan is part of a big plan by Orban to use 4.8% of the country’s money to help families and make them want more kids.

Rules to Get the Money and Other Good Things in the Plan

To get the loan, couples must be married, one partner on their first marriage, the wife aged 18 to 40, and one partner must have worked in Hungary for the last 3 years.

The plan also includes things like loans to buy homes, money off cars for big families, and no income tax for women with four kids.

Rewards for Having Kids

If a couple has one child in five years, they stop paying interest on the loan. Having a second child means no payments for three years. If there’s a third child, the loan is forgiven.

But, if no kids come in five years or the couple splits up, they have to pay everything back with interest in four months. They can avoid this if they show a doctor’s note saying they can’t have kids.

Cross-Cultural Love: Agota and Zermoon’s Culinary Connection

Agota Dunai, the Hungarian actress, traveler, and vlogger, shares a heartwarming love story with her Pakistani husband, Zermoon. Their cross-cultural connection blossomed over dinner dates that celebrated both Hungarian and Pakistani cuisines. Through the exchange of flavors and stories, the couple found joy in breaking cultural barriers and building a unique blend of love that transcends borders. Agota and Zermoon’s dinner table became a symbol of unity, showcasing the beauty of shared meals in bringing people together, despite differences in culture and background.

Hungary offers €30,000 to married couples who can produce three children

People’s Thoughts and Some Concerns

Many families are interested, but some say this plan only helps middle-class families, not the poor. People are also worried if there’s enough space in childcare places for more kids.

Making More Room for Little Ones

The government promises that by 2022, there will be more spots for kids in daycare – from 50,000 to 70,000.

Hungary Tries a Different Way

Hungary hopes this plan will bring more babies and fix the problem of having an older population. They want it to work without bringing in more people from other countries. Let’s see if it does!

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What are the benefits of marriage in Hungary?

Hungary offers subsidised loans of up to 10 million forints ($33,000) to couples marrying before the bride’s 41st birthday. A third of the loan is forgiven for two children, and the entire debt is wiped out for three.

What are the rules for marriage in Hungary?

Hungarian law recognizes only civil marriages as legal. Religious ceremonies are optional. The legal age for marriage is 18, and civil marriages performed in Hungary are generally recognized internationally.

What is the marriage rate in Hungary?

Hungary leads the European Union in matrimony with a rate of 6.9 weddings per 1,000 people in 2020, fueled by government measures offering incentives for couples.

How long does it take to get married in Hungary?

After submitting the required documents to the Embassy, the marriage process in Hungary can take 4-6 weeks, as the form is forwarded to the registrar’s office where the ceremony will occur.

What happens if I marry a Hungarian citizen?

You can become a Hungarian citizen through “simplified naturalization” by being married for at least 10 years or, alternatively, for at least 5 years with a shared child.

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