Scholarships in UAE for international Students-2024

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Thinking about  studying in Scholarships in UAE ? There  are many  scholarships  for students  from other  countries. These  scholarships are for people who  want to study  different things  like bachelor’s  master’s  or Ph.D. degrees. Some  cover all costs  while others  cover  part of them. Here’s a list of 10 great scholarships in the UAE for international students who plan to start studying in 2024

UAE's Scholarship programs for international students dubai
                   Investment in Global Minds: Explore Exciting Scholarship Opportunities for International Students in the UAE – 2024

UAE as a Study Destination

At the most distant  finish of the Bedouin Peninsula in Western Asia is the UAE  known for amazing  buildings like the  Burj Khalifa and the  Burj Al Middle Easterner. It’s a  protected spot for  understudies from  different nations  and many individuals  visit as travelers. The schools  and universities  in the UAE are great  and one  astounding model is the  Unified Middle  Easterner Emirates College (UAEU)  in Al Ain. UAEU is inclusive  and works really hard  with heaps of  understudies from  various  nations

List of Universties Offering Scholarships in UAE for international Students

1 Masdar Institute of Science and Technology:

  • Affiliation and Location: A critical component of Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi  known for its advanced research and academic  prowess.
  • Programs Offered: Specializes in  cutting-edge  Undergraduate  Graduate  and Ph.D. programs  in fields like  renewable energy  environmental sciences, and advanced engineering.
  • Scholarship Benefits: The fully  funded scholarships are  comprehensive  covering all educational  expenses including  tuition textbooks  technology resources  like laptops  standardized test  fees (GRE, TOEFL)  and  living costs such  as accommodation, health insurance  a monthly stipend  and international  travel expenses.

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2 Emirates Aviation University:

  • University Highlights: Noted  for its specialization in aviation  aerospace  and engineering programs  alongside business  and management  courses.
  • Scholarship Details: These scholarships  are available for  ambitious students seeking  full-time undergraduate  graduat  and Ph.D. studies. The benefits  encompass tuition fee coverage  with a select  number of scholarships  granted each year  focusing on students  who have demonstrated  exceptional academic  performance  ideally with a  record of 95% or  above in previous academic  pursuits.

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3 Curtin University Dubai:

  • Campus and Academics: A branch of the  Australian Curtin University  offering a  research-intensive  environment. Known  for programs  in technology  engineering  business  and sciences.
  • Scholarship Benefits: Provides grants that partially offset educational expenses for deserving students. These scholarships are merit-based, favoring applicants with a strong academic record and performance, especially in areas like IT, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science.

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4 University of Dubai:
  • Academic Excellence: Renowned  for its comprehensive range  of courses including  business  law IT  and a variety of other fields.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Scholarships, grants  or loans are available  for international  students  covering  part of their educational costs. The  scholarships are  awarded after  enrollment and are  based on academic  merit  with a  consideration of the student’s  financial needs.

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5 Middlesex University Dubai:
  • Campus and Course Offerings: A branch  of London’s Middlesex  University  offering diverse programs across  media  arts, business, law, and  technology.
  • Scholarship Benefits: The scholarships  offer a 20% reduction  in tuition fees and a  comprehensive package  covering accommodation  costs  visa fees, and health  insurance. The selection  is based on academic  merit and  personal accomplishments.

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6 Zayed University:
  • Educational Scope: Offers a wide array  of programs across  disciplines such as arts  business, education  and technology  catering to undergraduate  graduate and Ph.D. students.
  • Scholarship Details: The merit-based scholarships  provide a 50% tuition fee waiver  aimed at academically  outstanding students. The continuation of the scholarship   is contingent  upon  maintaining high   academic standards   throughout the  program.
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7 Jumeira University:
  • Focus Areas: Specializes in Islamic studies  business administration  health sciences and education.
  • Scholarship Offerings: Provides  fully funded scholarships based on  academic merit  covering the entire  tuition for one academic  year. Eligibility is based on   having an  academic score of 75%  or higher in the most  recent degree  program.
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8 Canadian University of Dubai:
  • Diverse Academic Portfolio: Offers a  wide range of  undergraduate and  postgraduate programs  with an emphasis  on quality and high  academic standards.
  • Scholarship Criteria: These merit-based scholarships  cater to students  who have excelled  academically  requiring a 98% or higher score in  their previous degree. The scholarships  can cover up to 100% of tuition fees  contingent upon  maintaining a high  GPA.

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9 United Arab Emirates University (UAEU):
  • Prestige and Programs: As the oldest university in the UAE  it offers an extensive  array of programs  in sciences  humanities  and business  and is known  for its robust research  facilities.
  • Scholarship Coverage: These scholarships  are among the most  comprehensive  covering full  educational costs  including tuition  a significant  monthly stipend  housing allowance, research support  and medical insurance  making it an attractive option for  top-tier academic talent.
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10 Abu Dhabi University:
  • Educational Range: Offers a broad spectrum of bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in various fields like engineering, business and arts.
  • Scholarship Variety: The  university provides a range  of scholarships  including merit-based financial  need-based  family tuition waivers  and alumni  scholarships. Benefits can  include tuition fees  housing, health insurance  and textbooks  offering substantial  financial support to students.
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Insights into UAE’s Education System

  • How effective is education  in the UAE? The education  quality in the UAE is exceptional  with a high enrollment  rate in higher education  institutions.
  • Are there free university  options in the UAE? While  public universities  set their own fee  structures  various scholarship options are available  for study in the UAE.
  • Which university  in the UAE is most  prestigious? Khalifa University is  highly ranked both nationally  and globally.

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