Discover Green Planet Dubai: Kids Nature Park!

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You know  how we often wish  for a slice of nature  amidst our concrete  jungles? Guess what? Dubai’s got  just the  solution! The Green Planet  Dubai has opened  its doors to an  exciting new nature  park tailor-made  for kids.


The Green Planet Dubai - Kids Nature Park
                                                           Explore and Learn: Kids’ Nature Adventure at Green Planet Dubai!

What’s Special about Green Planet Dubai (Nature Park Dubai)?

Spanning  over 1,000 square meters  this is not  just another  park. Imagine   this: an oasis with nine distinct  gardens where  plants from around  the globe come together. It’s like  giving your kids a  world tour  but all in one place. Cool, right?

From Animatronics to Living Bugs

Contemplate those cool  motion pictures where  robots behave like genuine articles. All things considered  the Green Planet  nature park in Dubai  got enlivened by that and acquired  robot bugs. Children can  see mechanical  tarantulas and  centipedes  and afterward go  inside the biodome  to meet the genuine  ones. It’s like strolling  into a film! Animatronics is a  tech that  makes counterfeit  animals or things for  entertainment only. These  robot-like things  move utilizing  engines  links  and sensors  to duplicate  how genuine creatures  or individuals move. Typically  you see animatronics  for no particular reason  places like amusement parks  historical centers  and films to make  characters and creatures  look genuine  and fun.

The Adventures Await in kids Green Planet Dubai!

At Children Green  Planet Dubai  there are 9 treehouses  slides  impediments  and a path  that is both tomfoolery and an  opportunity  to learn. It resembles a  little glimpse of heaven  for youngsters. What’s more  for us adults? It resembles  returning to those  tomfoolery experiences  we had as children  yet with a tropical  wind! Kids Green  Planet Dubai is a  spot made for  youngsters to have  heaps of tomfoolery  and learn new things. It’s  intended to give kids  in Dubai energizing  experiences. Here  they  can investigate shows meet creatures  and do involved exercises. Everything really  revolves around making  extraordinary  recollections for the youthful  guests.

October’s Spooky Vibes

Prepare to have  your mind blown. Halloween  is practically here  and the recreation area is  preparing for a Creepy  Planet. At the point when we  say ‘October’s Creepy  Energies ‘ we mean the  dreadful and dim  sentiments that  accompany October  particularly as Halloween  draws nearer. Individuals become  amped up for creepy  things like phantoms  witches  pumpkins  and spooky  places. They  embellish their  homes  wear outfits  and do fun Halloween  stuff during this time. It’s a  month that numerous  Halloween fans truly love  since they appreciate  frightening and puzzling  things. Prepare  for labyrinths  pumpkin exercises  and perhaps  some spooky face  painting. Trick or treat, anybody?

Education Meets Entertainment

The Green Planet  Dubai isn’t simply a tomfoolery  place; it likewise ensures  you learn something  each time you visit. Erik  Rohrkaste  the individual  who thought of this  cool thought  says the recreation  area is tied in with allowing  children to advance by doing. Simply contemplate  getting truly near  creatures you’ve just found  in books previously!

A Close Encounter with Nature the Green Planet Dubai

At the point when  you visit  Green Planet Dubai  you become truly near  nature. It resembles  being in an energetic  rainforest where you can see  contact  and find  out about many  plants and creatures. It  seems like you’re in a  wilderness  encompassed  by the marvels  of nature. This experience  is not  just really fun  yet additionally  shows you a  ton  making it ideal  for the two  people and families  who need to  investigate and  partake in the  excellence of the  regular world. Strolling  through this  park resembles  being in a genuine  film about nature. You’re  not simply  watching; you’re a  piece of it! From  perky lemurs to birds  flying by  it’s an overall vivid  encounter.

Erik’s Vision: More than Just Fun

At the point when we  discuss ‘something  beyond fun ‘ we imply that an  individual named Erik  has a greater objective  than simply making things  charming. Erik’s  vision goes past  living it up; he  maintains that  should do  things like educating  helping society  or having a  genuine effect in  a particular region or  local area. As the  individual in control  Erik needs to  ensure it’s not just  about having some  good times. By putting  a focus on creatures  with significant  preservation messages  he desires  to motivate  the future. Visiting The Green Planet  Dubai is a little move  toward thinking often  more about the  climate and making  a superior future.

The Green Planet: A Brief History

Did you know this?  The Dubai Green Planet  home to the nature  park  was first introduced  in 2016. Since then  it has been  a sanctuary for over 3,000 plants and  animals. It’s one of the  region’s rare indoor  rainforests.

Ticket Details for Kids Nature Park Dubai

For a wholesome  experience, a full-day pass  priced at Dh69 will  cover a child and  an adult. This includes  the nature park  soft play area  and the café. Quite a deal  don’t you think?

Image featuring vibrant details of Kids Nature Park in Dubai with the caption 'Adventure Awaits: Explore Ticket Details for Kids Nature Park in Dubai,' enticing visitors to discover the exciting offerings and ticket information for this nature-filled destination.
                                                                   Adventure Awaits: Explore Ticket Details for Kids Nature Park in Dubai

So  the next time you’re wondering  where to take your kids  for a blend of fun  learning  and nature  you know where to  head, right? The Dubai Green  Planet’s new nature park  awaits you with  open arms!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the age limit for kids at the Dubai Green Planet’s nature park?
    • Designed  primarily for children  aged 4 to 14.
  2. Are there any special attractions for the month of October?
    • Yes! There’s  a special Halloween-themed  area known as  the Spooky Planet.
  3. Is the nature park  only for entertainment?
    • No, it combines fun  with education and  conservation awareness.
  4. How big is the  new nature park?
    • It spans over  a vast 1,000 square meter area.
  5. How much does a full-day pass cost?
    • A full-day pass  for a child and an accompanying  adult is priced at Dh69.


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