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NOL Card Dubai Metro

The Nol Card, Dubai Metro’s innovative digital payment solution revolutionizes commuting in the city. This versatile card streamlines fare payments for an array of public transit options, including metros, buses, trams, and marine transport. Additionally, it’s equipped to handle parking fees under RTA’s management. Its utility extends to small-scale retail transactions at specific locations.

There are four types of NOL

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Blue. 

Dubai Metro NOL Card

Features and Uses of Nol Dubai Metro Card

Red Nol Card:

Mainly a paper ticket valid for 90 days, can be loaded with the cost of up to 10 individual trips.

Silver Nol Card:

Ideal for regular public transport users. It costs around 25 AED (which includes 19 AED in credits) and its validity is for 5 years. The maximum topped-up limit is 500 AED.

Gold Nol Card:

Similar to the Silver card but offers access to Gold Class carriages on the Metro and Tram. It costs 25 AED with a 19 AED credit.

Blue Nol Card:

 A personalized card that offers security if lost or stolen. It’s useful for those eligible for discounted fares such as students, senior citizens, or people of determination.

Fares and Passes 

Fare prices vary based on the zones you travel through. For frequent travelers, there are various pass options available, ranging from daily to yearly, with costs depending on the zones covered and card type.

How to Use NOL Metro Card Dubai

For utilizing your card during travel, ensure it has sufficient funds. Upon embarking and concluding your trip, interact with the card reader by tapping your card against it at both start and end points. The system is designed to automatically compute and subtract the fare from your card’s balance, with the amount determined by the total zones traversed in your journey.

Dubai Metro NOL Card

Topping Up

Nol Metro Card Dubai can be topped up at RTA ticket machines, ticket counters, or online through the RTA website or Nol Pay Application.

Additional Uses

Beyond transportation, the Nol Dubai can be used for micropayments at over 2,000 outlets around Dubai, like for groceries or snacks.

For more specific information about fares, how to obtain a card or any other details, you can visit the official RTA website or one of the Dubai Metro stations.


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