Montenegro visa on Arrival for UAE Residents

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Montenegro Visa on Arrival for UAE Residents

A straightforward visa regime facilitates travel between the United Arab Emirates and Montenegro. Nationals of the UAE can explore the picturesque landscapes of Montenegro for up to 90 days with just a valid travel document, no visa is required. Additionally, residents of the UAE holding valid residence permits for at least three years can enjoy extended stays of up to ten days during the summer season, from June 15 to October 31, 2023, provided they have proof of paid tourist arrangement. However, certain nationalities, including Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, and India, must obtain a visa even if they hold a valid foreign travel document with a UAE residence permit. This visa-free access underscores the warm relations between the two nations, making travel between them a seamless experience.

Visa on Arrival in UAE for Indian Citizens
Visa on Arrival in UAE for Indian Citizens

Diplomatic Relations

Since establishing diplomatic ties in 2008, Montenegro and the UAE have cultivated a strong friendship marked by mutual respect and cooperation. Notably, the UAE opened its embassy in Podgorica in 2010, underscoring the countries’ shared values of tolerance and peace.

Political Contacts

High-level visits between leaders of Montenegro and the UAE have strengthened political ties. These include official visits by Presidents and participation in prestigious forums and events, showcasing the commitment to collaboration.

Economic Cooperation / International Trade

Key UAE investors in Montenegro include prominent entities such as Abu Dhabi Capital Group and Masdar Energy. Bilateral trade has seen steady growth, with Montenegro exporting goods like tobacco and electrical machinery to the UAE.

In conclusion, the diplomatic relationship between Montenegro and the UAE is thriving, supported by robust economic cooperation and political engagements.

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